Our Vision

Vision Statement:  The Waterloo Chamber Players will provide: a challenging and fulfilling orchestral playing experience for dedicated amateur musicians in the Waterloo Region, solo experience for local professional, amateur and student soloists, and stimulating educational concert experiences for audiences of all ages. We value:  The camaraderie, friendship, and support for each other among the players and volunteers; the musicianship and effort of our players whether amateur or professional; the significant contribution of volunteer hours by the players in the administration of the Waterloo Chamber Players; the significant contribution of non-playing volunteers to our board and administrative committees; the leadership of our conductor and section leaders; the contribution by players in decision making; the ties to our local community and musicians.

About Us

The Waterloo Chamber Players is a small orchestra composed of skilled amateur and semi-professional musicians who have been playing and performing together since 1994. We are a self-run group, collectively making decisions and sharing organizational responsibilities. Members volunteer their time and talents as musicians and for administrative tasks. For our first few seasons we rehearsed and performed without a conductor, developing our listening and ensemble skills. Since 2000 we have worked with a principal conductor and have also continued to rehearse and perform some programs as an unconducted group. Working together to “play good music well” (as one of our founding members expressed it) sharing responsibility for keeping the group going, being together for many seasons of each others’ lives, has created strong bonds in the group that persist even as people come and go. We are more than an orchestra, we are a community of friends.



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